God has given us a unique opportunity to impact the lives of others. Soon, we will begin our IMPACT Campaign. I want you to reflect on how God has blessed your life and our church.  We cannot help but feel gratitude and anticipation as we seek God’s will looking to the future.

I am confident that our IMPACT Campaign will continue to open the doors of opportunity for First United Methodist Church.  With a successful campaign, we will be able to effectively broaden our ministries, as well as our discipleship and outreach programs.

We are challenged to give sacrificially, over and above our current giving, for the next four years. This campaign requires diligent prayer and obedience to God’s leading.  I know that we, the members and friends of First Methodist are ready for the challenge.  Let us boldly believe in God’s provision and grace.

With thanksgiving for God’s blessing in your life, I ask that you prayerfully consider your part in this campaign.  What you give is a personal decision between God and you. What we accomplish together will benefit many and impact the kingdom of God!  May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may His name be glorified as we seek to impact future generations through these efforts.

Blessings and peace,