Impact Capital Campaign

The capital side of the IMPACT Campaign is a four-year commitment to support much needed upgrades to the church campus. It is not aimed at new construction, but at better use, renovation, and maintenance of our current spaces.


Renovation of Education Building

The education buildings will be renovated to better accommodate the FUMC Children’s ministries. Renovation will include security, technology, bathrooms, lighting, and overall interior improvements. A long-desired large, general assembly space for the children’s ministries will be provided. First School will benefit from these updated spaces they share with the FUMC Children’s Ministry.


Renovation of the Fellowship Hall Building

Renovation in the Fellowship Hall building will include updating the Early Childhood Development Center and giving additional existing space to this important ministry. The church offices will receive cosmetic updating. Fellowship Hall will be renovated and updated to better serve as the FUMC general meeting space.


New Pipe Organ and Required Preparation

The current fifty-year-old pipe organ will be replaced with a new Schoenstein and Company pipe organ. The organ will be designed and hand-built to fit into the existing space in the sanctuary and to meet the requirements of FUMC worship and choir accompaniment. Pipes will be set in architectural casements to complement the reredos. These casements will be similar to the design envisioned by the church architect but never was built.


Sanctuary Sound, Audio Visual, and Lighting Improvements

Long-needed acoustical improvements, lighting, and audio visual updates in the sanctuary will be accomplished as part of the IMPACT Campaign. These improvements will enhance the live worship experience in the sanctuary and the worship experience through television and the internet.


Additional Parking and Parking Improvements

Additional parking will be provided on newly acquired property. In addition, existing parking areas will be improved where needed on the campus.


Air Conditioning Replacement

The IMPACT Campaign will enable the church to replace aging air conditioning units as needed to ensure the continued comfort of our church family, visitors and friends.



To ensure the continued safety and health of our children, playgrounds on campus will be improved. These improvements will consider security, inclusion of special needs, and Department of Human Resources requirements.


Program Cost

Program costs include architect fees, engineering, consultants, furnishings, security, technology, and commissioning.